Simply stated… versatility and durability. For more than four decades HDPE pipe has proved itself in natural gas pipelines where a safe, leak-proof system is absolutely critical. HDPE pipe is a proven performer above ground, on the surface, below ground and even under-water. It can transport drinking water or some of the most hazardous waste materials safely and without leakage. These attributes make HDPE pipe a great solution for almost any method of installation, specifically R Braun Inc. manure pipeline systems, where quality counts!

Pipeline System


  • Durable HDPE pipe to stand the test of time
  • Stainless Steel riser construction
  • Data Logger used to create fusion reports
  • Riser assemblies built to work as pig launch/booster pump stations
  • Riser stations are build out of the ground


  • Ability to pump slurry under growing crops (where you want, when you want)
  • Minimize fuel requirements for pumping due to excellent flow characteristics.
  • Minimize manure trucking!!
  • Great return on investment.
  • Data Logger used to optimize joint fusing and to generate fuse reporting.
  • Flexible and leak-proof fused joints.
  • Durable/UV resistant Design.
  • Anti-corrosive properties on pipeline and risers.
  • Custom pipeline designed in house to meet customers’ requirements.