A great toolbar for summer applications, the R Braun Inc. Dribble Bar has a large capacity manifold with an 8” dump out valve and 4” vented hoses to mini-manifolds, which minimizes plugging. The rear folding wings with pressure reliefs, eliminates bending and kinking. The R Braun Inc. Dribble Bar helps avoid leaf burn and stunting of the plan by placing liquid on the ground around the roots rather than covering the whole plant.

Dribble Bar

  • HD frame construction available with or without a swing pipe
  • 32’. 40’ and 48’ widths available
  • Narrow folding width, 96”(with swing pipe), and 110” without swing pipe
  • HD swing pipe hydraulic centering cylinder
  • 12” dribble drop spacing
  • 4” manifold and dribble drop hoses
    • Minimizes plugging issues
  • Wing mounted dual manifolds
    • Eliminates bending/kinking manifold hoses while folding
  • Manifold dump/flush valves
    • Ability to flush/dump manifold debris on the fly
  • Cushion relief wing break away protection
    • Break-away protection if wings collide with anything