Through decades of experience, R Braun Inc. has become your leader in custom manure application. We have the necessary equipment to handle any size project, liquid or solid we can cover it all.

Drag line Application

  • Crews with capacity of up to 5 miles of 10" and 8" hose.
  • Large capacity pumps for high flow rates.
  • Applicator controlled pumps for safety and efficiency.
  • Dribble Bars, Pottinger Discs, Soil Star (Minimum Tillage) and Ripper tool bar options.

Manure Transfer

  • Manure Dumpsters for long distance fields.
  • 12 semi/tankers with 20" valves for high speed transfer
  • 12" Load Pumps

Tanker Application

  • Tractor/Tanker Application
  • Semi/Tank Application
  • 12" Load Pumps

Solids Application

  • 10 Semi Solid Meyer Spreaders
  • 3 Crop Max Apron Spreaders
  • 6 Push Spreaders
  • Long Reach Excavators and Wheel Loaders
  • 31 mph Tractors


  • Nuhn Lagoon Crawlers
  • Pumps/Props