H Series Spreader

Stepped Beaters spread finer, wider and more uniformly than traditional stacked beaters. Conventional beater configuration, for hydraulic-push machines, places the upper beater directly above the main beater. In some conditions, manure from the upper part of the load can break away and tumble into the lower beater before it reaches the upper beater causing a light/heavy/light spread pattern. The aggressive shape rips the manure and holds onto it for a fraction of a second. The result is a spread pattern that puts the manure behind the spreader rather than into the air.

V Series Spreader

To ensure optimum performance, our engineering team worked with BERMA engineers to "beef up" their basic beater designs to better suit harsh North American conditions. Paddle configurations are a combination of blades to slice through tough materials and cups to fling finer materials and semi-solids. Even corn and bean stalks are shredded to an indistinguishable fineness. Beaters can be customized with any combination of cups and knives. For even more durability in high-usage applications or abrasive materials we offer forged and hardened components. We've even created custom components for specific applications.

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