• Perfect for high fiber content
  • Cuts and mixes a variety of products
  • Auger is made of abrasion resistant steel
  • Tungsten carbide coated auger knives
  • Heavy duty trailer

Feed Pusher

  • Self-propelled feed pusher
  • Reduces waste and food refusals
  • Safe for animals
  • Works with dry and silage hay
  • Saves you time
  • Remote access available through Wi-Fi

Volumaxx Silo Unloader

  • New high-volume impeller
  • Self-adjusting cantilevered walking pressure wheel
  • Independent power ring models feature high-efficiency drive
  • Motor-mount assemble with easy belt tension adjustments
  • Heavy duty auger gearbox
  • Lower power requirements, more efficient, higher capacity and less auger wear

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